Another lady accuses Wale Jana of using fake police to harass her after allegedly owing her 5 million naira

An Instagram user by the name bim446 says Wale Jana harassed her with with fake policemen.

The Instagram user explained that the Sapphire Group boss owes her 5 million naira but rather than paying her the money, he opted to using “fake police officers” to harass her.

She also said Wale made her believe he was calling the IGP Abuja to come for her.

She made this claim known via a social media gossip platform.

In the comment section, she wrote:

“dragging walejana to the right authorities will really bring me joy, walejana has the guts I give out my contact to some fake police men claiming they are calling from IGP sts Abuja that I shld tell you to bring down walejana post. Walejana is owing me 5millon and still has the guts to stress my life despite the fact that I’m expecting a child soon”

This is not the first time Sapphire Scent CEO is being accused of a similar wrongdoing. A while ago, one Ngozi N Okoroji claimed she invested the sum of 500,000 naira into his business and signed an MOU.

However, when the repayment date reached, Wale could not pay Ngozi N Okoroji back her money in full.

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