“I parted ways with Cynthia Morgan after realizing that she was no longer manageable” — Former Manager

Cynthia Morgan’s former Manager, Joy Tongo has said Notherside Record never took ownership of Cynthia Morgan’s stage name and social media accounts after the expiration of their contract in 2017.

She made her opinion known via a statement that went public on her Instagram page on Monday.

Her former manager also said she parted ways with Cynthia Morgan after realizing she was no longer manageable.

Read her statement below:

In December of 2011, after persistent requests from her associates. I signed Cynthia Morgan to my record label, Jton Records. In the early stages of her signing. I personally shot a freestyle and viral video for the artist titled “One Blood” and “Kuchi Kuchi”  respectively. In addition, there were several tracks which were recorded and produced but never released during that timeframe.

In the summer of 2013, I successfully secured a US work permit visa for Cynthia Morgan and flew her down to New York with me in pursuit of an independent record deal that was unsuccessml due to conflicts with the contract that was presented to us. Determined to secure a bigger platform for the artist. I then flew her down to Atlanta a few months later for a formal meeting with Jude Okoye.

The intent was to introduce Cynthia Morgan to him with the hope that he would be impressed with her sound and sign her to his Northside label. Unfortunately. he was reluctant to sign any artist at that time so a deal could not be established. We both returned to Nigeria and I immediately began working on the video production of her track, Kuchi Kuchi. Upon completion of the video. I sent the audio to Jude hopeful that he would have a change of heart. The strategy eventually worked and afier a year of persistent negotiations; Jude agreed to sign her to Northside, and I remained in the capacity of management only. The 360 contract and terms for it was drafted by me and not Jude Okoye. After analizing the draft, it was reviewed and approved by Cynthia Morgan, then sent to Jude via email. Jude simply put the contract on his letterhead and signed it. Nothing in that contract stated that Jude Okoye or Northside Music Ltd. would have ownership to her legal name, royalties, or social media handles. That was how the Northside Record Deal was structured.

Cynthia Morgan has also made frivolous claims in an interview that her image and brand were undesirable and forced upon her by management and the record label. At no point did Cynthia ever express discomfort With her styling or branding. There was never a given time where she was forced, or demands were made by the label and management to portray her unfavorably. We played our role and hired image consultants to plan and structure how we could creatively portray her authentically as an artist.

We determined that her branding would mirror her personality a sexy tomboy. Once that image was combined with her music, it gave birth to a massive brand “The Cynthia Morgan Brand.” She was very comfortable and as she became more commercial, we tweaked her image even further. When we initially presented Cynthia Morgan to the world up until the Don ’t Break my Heart Video. which was her first video under Northside Music people had heard her songs, but could not place a face to the artist. We knew something was missing which was when I came up with the concept of red hair to really make her stand out. The red hair was a huge success and complemented her music and sound.

The “I’m Taken”  video introduced her fans and the world to a unique and attractive red headed dancehall rapper. Though she initially disliked the red hair. she later adjusted to it when she witnessed how recognizable it made her. The signature style further established her brand and Cynthia took it further by deciding to add a nose ring on her own.

Cynthia Morgan has also claimed that her songs were never promoted. Promotion does not only require or consist of payola. Promotion entails presenting your music directly to influential OAPs. DJs. Promoters, TV. and Radio executives. l and Jude’s contacts from years in the business enabled us to submit her songs to everyone. Though one can pay to get their music played. it still does not guarantee that the music or video will get the major push it deserves. The industry is not an easy one or paticularly favorable to female artists. We fought tirelessly just to get Cynthia Morgan‘s music on rotation. It was not simply because her music was good; it took a lot of strategizing and negotiating for her music to become mainstream. “I’m Taken” was when we finally broke the ice and successfully secured consistent airplay on radio and TV.

Cynthia Morgan never paid any form of house rent while working with Jton. She stayed at my residence for over 3 years until the latter part of 2015 when Jude Okoye paid for her to secure her own apartment. As her popularity increased after the commercial success of I’m Taken and German Juice, Jude Okoye presented her with a Range Rover and money to purchase land for her mother in Benin upon Cynthia‘s request. I have in my possession records and details of every expense spent on Cynthia Morgan by Jude Okoye until my departure from her in June of 2016. These expenses include but are not limited to music video shoots, upkeep allowances, promotional payments, a car, rent payments and other expenses from the years 2013 up until 20l6.

I’m Taken was the breakthrough record for Cynthia Morgan that changed everything. With the success of 1’m Taken and German Juice. Cynthia Morgan got bigger than her team (label and management,) and out of control. She began performing on countless shows outside of me and Jude Okoye’s awareness or approval. We clashed frequently because she wanted to depart from Northside and I repeatedly advised her against it. She also tried to convince me to prepare for her exit from the label because she wanted to form her own imprint which she wanted my help in running. I emphatically told her that I could not be a party to such an arrangement especially after going over and beyond to getting her signed to Northside Music Ltd. In June of 2016. l parted ways with Cynthia Morgan after realizing that she was no longer manageable.

Less than a year later, Cynthia also parted ways with Jude Okoye and released herself from her contract before it ended without penalty or any legal proceedings from Northside. To this day. she maintains the rights to her legal/stage name. brand. and everything that we created for het. After departing from Jude Okoye in 20l7, she released two songs under her imprint label without any resistance from him. Neither Jude nor l have ever demanded or even contacted her for the outstanding balance owed to the label. I have never uttered a word about the slander she has made online and on air about my credibility as a professional. After all these years. Cynthia Morgan is persistent in her efforts to tarnish our names just to seek sympathy from her fans and the world without ever taking any accountability for her actions. We do not wish ill will against her but rather that she should be honest when relaying her accounts of all that was done for her during her rise to fame. The fabrications and accusations will no longer be tolerated or met with silence and indifference.

Joy Tongo President.
Jton Productions

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