Calm Global promotes telemedicine to reduce hospital waiting time

One of the great problems that exists in our country regarding health are the long and endless waiting lists in public hospitals. According to health experts, a lot of patients have died in Nigeria hospital since the coming of Coronavirus, while waiting to be cared for.

In response to this problem Calm Global Information Technologies Limited has developed telemedicine app called KokoMD.

The app will most likely support the management of waiting lists, service times, access to specialists, collaboration between medical teams, among other efforts, optimizing the use of resources and improving patient satisfaction.

Telemedicine is the provision of remote medical services and the application of technology. In all cases communication is required for its implementation.

Managing Director of Calm Global, Mr. Gideon Iranloye, said since the coming of Coronavirus pandemic, the company has reached over 7000 people.

Iranloye said the apps could help organisations, governments, and individuals in strategic health, education, and business planning.

In the case of a new procedure, care would be much faster and more effective. In a situation were by the doctors can’t remedy a patient health problems, they can request support via telemedicine, gathering the patient’s history and sending it to the doctor beforehand, where they will be checked and a teleconsultation session will be held.

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