How JLo feels after having to cancel her dream wedding with Alex Rodriguez

The singer speaks for the first time on television on what would have been one of the most talked about weddings of 2020.

If the wedding wasn’t postponed, by now, one of the most anticipated weddings of the year would have being taking place: the wedding of Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez. But the plans of the Latin star, and as for the rest of the planet, changed radically due to the current health crisis. An unforeseen event that forced the singer to postpone her wedding indefinitely.

Although, JLo cannot be said to be bored these week dew to lockdown, the truth is that she has also had a lot of time to assimilate this news and learn to deal with the mixed feelings caused by this cancellation.

The singer spoke about it during an interview at an American television program, Today Show.

“My heart is a little broken because I had big plans for my wedding, but at the same time I also tell myself that God must have a bigger plan for me so it’s not too bad that we have to wait and see what happens,” confessed the singer.

Who knows, maybe it turns out that we can do better than we thought. I have to believe it will be like this. But at the moment we are not planning anything. The best thing is to take it patiently until we know what is going to happen,” she said.

“The most disappointing thing is that all this has come after making the Super Bowl and shooting a movie. I was planning to take some time off, which is what we are doing right now; but I had also planned several fantastic things for this summer…”

She concludes without clarifying whether the wedding will be in 2020 or in 2021.

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