Donald Trump shared a video of African pallbearers to make fun of Joe Biden

Donald Trump rocked social media on Tuesday after publishing a video mocking the Joe Biden campaign and the controversial statement on Friday by the Democratic candidate, who was accused of racism.

The president uploaded to his social media page a video of the popular Ghanaian pallbearers who rose to fame in recent weeks after appearing in thousands of memes world wide.

The video reviewed the statements made by the former vice president to an African-American radio host, who was told by Biden “he ain’t black” if he planned to support Trump in the November elections. The edited video then shows the pallbearers dancing with a coffin bearing the image of Biden’s election campaign.

Donald Trump shared a video of African pallbearers to make fun of Joe Biden

Almost immediately, Trump’s post was shared nearly 50,000 times and received more than 40,000 comments in its first two hours.

Trump’s team had already reacted quickly to the controversial statement, accusing the only remaining Democratic presidential candidate of racism.

Biden, 77, made the controversial comments during an interview with popular black broadcaster Charlamagne, who questioned him about his record in his relationship with the black minority.

Donald Trump shared a video of African pallbearers to make fun of Joe Biden

Biden, Barack Obama’s number two man in the White House for eight years, firmly defended his ties to the black community. “I receive overwhelming support” from black leaders and voters, he said during the interview.

Charlamagne, whose real name is Lenard Larry McKelvey, said after a 17-minute interview that he hoped Biden would be able to participate in his show again because “there’s a long way to go until November (and) there are more questions.”

“Do you have any more questions?” The senator answered from his home, where he is confined by the new coronavirus pandemic. ” Well, I tell you, if you have a problem choosing between Trump and me, then you a black, ” he said.

The comments, which were broadcast on Friday morning during The Breakfast Club radio show, elicited immediate reactions.

“It shouldn’t have been so impertinent,” the 77-year-old former vice president said later, regretting his “unfortunate” comments.

Joe Biden reappeared in public on Monday during a Memorial Day commemoration. In recent months, he has been campaigning virtually from his basement, due to the pandemic (Reuters)

“No one should have to vote for a party based on their race, religion, or origins,” he added, according to reporters who attended his invitation to the National Black Chamber of Commerce, which promotes the economic development of African-Americans.

In the interview, Charlamagne challenged Biden over the same thing, saying he is concerned that “Democrats take it for granted that black voters” will speak out for them.

Biden replied that he had worked in black communities for decades. And he recalled that in South Carolina, where he won the February Democratic primary, he outstripped rivals in every county. “I’ve gotten more of the black vote than anyone, including Barack Obama.”

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