Minneapolis police officer killed an innocent black man

George Floyd is a Black American,who lived in Houston and was in minneapolis for work.where he was killed by four Minneapolis police officers.

He died of asphyxiation(a condition of deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from abnormal breathing e.g choking)

He kept saying ‘I can’t breathe’,but the police officer who had his knee on George’s neck during arrest wouldn’t stop.The officer continued for several minutes,Concern people tried convincing the police officers to stop and check his pores, someone even noticed that George was no longer moving and tried to draw their attention to it,but they didn’t listen .A few minutes later a ambulance pull up,and George’s near lifeless body was carried to the hospital where he died.

The police report stated that George matched the description of a suspect, in a forgery case and resisted arrest.The video footage from ‘cup food on Chicago avenue and east 38th street’ a restaurant near by showed that the man never resisted arrest,the video showed us how he pleaded to the police but his plea was ignored.

The four Minneapolis police officer have been fired .They now need to be arrested and persecuted.

A protest to demand Justice,for the now late George floyd commenced on Tuesday evening.The protesters matched the neighborhood to a city police precinct, where a small but angry and persistent crowd faced off for hours.

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