Open Mind Vs Closed Mind: 8 Differences

Hello friends! Today I will like to ask you guys an important question: do you consider yourself an open-minded or closed- minded person?

The advantages of being in the first group are enormous, as this provides continuous progress in our lives, both personally and professionally. When you have an open mind, you are always discovering new things, learning from the mistakes of the past and expanding your horizons.

Closed-minded people, on the other hand, tend to become stagnant over time, as they are unwilling to review certain ideas and opinions, even if they are mistaking.

Below, I made a comparison on 8 points that differentiate open-minded and closed-minded people. Note that to have an open mind, it is not enough for you to just be willing to expand your knowledge, it is necessary to actively seek that expansion.


  • Takes courses to learn from experts;
  • He likes to debate to have his ideas challenged;
  • Reads books to acquire knowledge;
  • Use data and sources when formulating your opinions;
  • Loves challenges;
  • Change your mind according to new facts acquired;
  • Accepts constructive criticism;
  • Search for solutions to obstacles.


  • He says he doesn’t have time to study;
  • Avoid debates at any cost;
  • He thinks books are a waste of time;
  • Formulates opinions without studying the subject;
  • Hates challenges;
  • Disqualifies facts that go against his beliefs;
  • Hates feedbacks;
  • He feels sorry for the problems.

So, which group did you identify with? If it was with the first, great! If you went with the second, don’t be discouraged: to open your mind, just adopt certain changes in your mindset.

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