Covid19: Nigeria records 389 new positive cases on Wednesday, total now 8,733 and fatalities, 254

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) reported on Wednesday, 27th May, 2020, that during the last 24 hours, 5 deaths and 389 new positive cases for coronavirus were recorded. Thus, the total number of infected throughout the country amounted to 8,733. 2,501 so far have been discharged, and 254 deaths have been recorded.

In its breakdown of the latest results, the NCDC said Lagos reported 256 of the 389 new cases.

Other states with new cases include Katsina-23, Edo-22, Rivers-14, Kano-13, Adamawa-11, Akwa Ibom-11, Kaduna-7, Kwara-6, Nasarawa-6, Gombe-2, Plateau-2, Abia-2, Delta-2, Benue-2, Niger-2, Kogi-2, Oyo-2, Imo-1, Borno-1, Ogun-1, Anambra-1.

Globally, coronavirus cases have surpassed 5.6 million, with more than 350,000 deaths since the outbreak began in China late last year and then spread to Europe and the United States. South America now faces the greatest burden of the outbreak, with Brazil adding the second largest number of infected in the world.

Of the 20 most severely affected countries, the United States ranks eighth based on deaths per capita, according to a Reuters count, with three deaths per 10,000 people.

Belgium ranks first with eight deaths per 10,000 people , followed by Spain, Britain and Italy, according to Reuters analysis.

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