Fury in America against racist police violence

Last night protesters set fire to the police station where the four officers involved in the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis were working.

The streets of the United States are on fire again, literally, in protest of racist police violence.

The death of African-American George Floyd, hanged by the knee of a white officer on his neck while defenseless and detained on the ground, has been the spark that sparked the fires of anger against systemic racism in American society, especially deadly when it comes to encounters with the police.

Last night, the city of Minneapolis burned again, as it did Tuesday and Wednesday. Angry protesters entered the police headquarters where the four officers involved in the Floyd incident were working, before being fired. Once inside, they set fire to the facilities. The police had evacuated the scene moments before, when people overcame the barriers placed to contain it.

Videos broadcast from the scene showed protesters chanting, “I can’t breathe,” the phase that Floyd repeated over and over to Officer Derek Chauvin, who pressed his knee against his neck for several minutes, until he was unconscious. When the ambulance arrived, Floyd no longer had a pulse and was pronounced dead in hospital.

The scenes of yesterday and the previous days recalled the demonstrations of years ago, in full swing of the Black Lives Matter movement, born after a series of murders of black victims of a police force that until then had almost always gone unpunished from the abuse of force.

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