Madagascar drug undergoes testing — Health minister

The Ministry of Health in Nigeria has announced that Madagascar’s locally made cure for Coronavirus has be sent to various agencies for scientific tests.

The government of Madagascar had announced that the formulation which it called Convid Organic, CVO is effective for the treatment of Coronavirus.

Since the cure was approved by the Madagascar government, the country has recorded only one death related to Coronavirus.

Gagish learnt that the African Union, AU urged Madagascar to send the formulation to other African countries to carry-out scientific test on the it.

Gagish also learnt that Muhammadu Buhari, on May 16th, received the consignment of CVO from his Guinea Bissau counterpart, Umaro Sissoco Embaló.

The Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire said on Friday that the ministry has sent the formulation to the concerned government agencies for testing.

According to the Minister, the formulation was sent to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development, and the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research for scientific evaluation.

Although, the World Health Organization has already warned leaders not to use the cure as a sure treatment to fight the novel Coronavirus.

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